Cell Tower

2016 RVNA actions to oppose Verizon cell tower at 2512 S Robertson

January 3, 2016. RVNA learnt about City Hall hearing of January 5, after residents within a 500 feet radius received written notice, emailed RVNA members on 24th, 25th, Beverlywood, Gibson Streets.
January 3, 2016. RVNA asked SORONC what was their position. Terrence Gomez, SORONC LandUse, emailed their July 16, 2015 support of Verizon’s cell tower.
January 4, 2016. RVNA thanked Terrence Gomez, Doug Fitzsimmons (SORONC President and Zone 8 Representative), Roger McCracken (SORONC Zone 5 Representative), copied Beth Hirsch (SORONC Quality of Life), Elizabeth Carlin (Herb Wesson’s Deputy), Joseph Galloway (Paul Koretz’s Deputy).
January 4, 2016. Liz Carlin replied that she would attend hearing to oppose tower.
January 5, 2016. RVNA thanked Liz Carlin.
January 5, 2016. RVNA Co-President attended hearing, made report to RVNA Board and members at annual meeting.
January 9, 2016. RVNA Board and Membership meeting. Official opposition to the cell tower was decided.
January 12, 2016. RVNA thanked by email all residents who opposed tower.
January 13, 2016. RVNA sent notice to every Reynier Village resident on mailing list, urging to write letter against the tower to Zoning Administrator: Antonio.Isaia@lacity.org. Copied Carlin, Galloway, McCracken, Hirsch.
January 13, 2016. Beth Hirsch responded by email and phone that SORONC had no basis to oppose tower, since health hazards are not admissible by a 1996 FCC ruling.
January 13, 2016. RVNA posted notice on Nextdoor to Reynier Village and Castle Heights neighborhoods, to reach affected residents on East and West side of Robertson.
January 13, 2016. RVNA emailed Co-President’s letter to Zoning Administrator to all residents of 24th, 25th, Beverlywood, Gibson Streets on mailing list.
January 15, 2016. RVNA emailed to above another resident’s letter opposing the tower.
January 17, 2016. RVNA emailed to above timeline of RVNA opposition, urging residents within a 500 feet radius of tower to write to Zoning Administrator.
January 19, 2016. Roger McCracken notified RVNA that SORONC would hear public comment about Verizon tower at January 21 Board meeting.
January 19, 2016. RVNA thanked Roger, BCC all those who publicly opposed tower.
January 19, 2016. RVNA asked all RVNA members to attend SORONC meeting.
January 22. 2016. Liz Carlin confirmed to RVNA that the deadline to write letters against the cell tower is February 2. RVNA thanked Liz for her help.
January 22, 2016. RVNA member Deni Mosser sent a report about SORONC meeting. 13 residents publicly opposed the tower, only 1 letter in favor was read.
January 22, 2016.  Deni Mosser wrote a flyer that was printed and distributed.
January 23, 2016. RVNA tabulated the residents who publicly opposed the tower: 25 RVNA members, plus 15 on RVNA mailing list, thanked them by email.
January 24-31. RVNA is copied on many more letters, thanks senders.
January 30. Sandra Willard distributes flyer on 24th and 25th West of Robertson. Several residents copy RVNA on their letters opposing the cell tower.
January 31. RVNA learns that cell tower will be discussed at SORONC LandUse meeting February 2. RVNA thanks Terrence Gomez, informs him that more than 70 Reynier Village residents publicly oppose the Verizon tower.
February 1. Flyers distributed on Gibson West of Robertson. More than 30 letters opposing the tower were sent from Castle Heights, Council District 5.
February 2. RVNA asks Liz Carlin to kindly advice us when a decision is reached by the Zoning Administration. We calculate they received well over 100 letters.  Virtually everyone living on 24th, 25th, Beverlywood and Gibson, on both sides of Robertson, opposes a cell tower near their homes.
February 3. Liz Carlin advices RVNA that it may take 3 to 4 months, but she will notify us of the decision.  GOOD JOB everyone! THANKS!
February 2, 2016. Deadline to email letter to Antonio.Isaia@lacity.org
Read RVNA Co-President’s letter and flyer, use your own words. Copy RVNA


See documentation attached below.

Public Hearing – Verizon Wireless Tower-s

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March 23, 2016. Terrence Gomes. SORONC Landuse, writes to Deni Mosser: The project was denied.
March 24, 2016. RVNA notifies all its members and those residents who wrote letters opposing the Verizon cell tower: WE WON!
March 24, 2016. Verizon files an appeal.
March 28, 2016. RVNA members present at January hearing share March 10 document received from the City: DENY.
March 29, 2016.  Liz Carlin advices RVNA that file is available for review at City Hall.

Celltower-LA City 1c

May 6, 2016. Liz Carlin advices RVNA of Verizon appeal hearing, June 7 after 4.30pm
May 7, 2016 RVNA notifies RVNA members and all the residents who wrote letters opposing the tower. Forwards to those who asks DENY decision and appeal documents.
May 16, 2016. RVNA advises all 475 Reynier Village residents on mailing list about the June 7 hearing, with link.
May 18, 2016. RVNA members Dennis and Helen Bain collect 43 signatures opposing the tower from Merchants on Robertson Blvd. Fedex it to Planning Commission.
May 18, 2016, RVNA shares this list with SORONC Quality of Life Committee: Beth Hirsch+Dan Fink
May 20, 2016. Deni Mosser posts on Nextdoor: Jack Chiang wrote that residents may EMAIL letters for the Planning Commission to Randa Hanna
May 24, 2016. RVNA emails Randa Hanna asking to clarify the deadline for emails.    RVNA calls: deadline is May 27.  Many emails received, will print out for Commission.
May 7-27, 2016. RVNA members write and email letters opposing the celltower, some plan to attend the hearing in person.
May 30, 2016. RVNA emails reminder to attend June 7 hearing in person.
June 7, 2016.  Planning Commission voted 4 to 1 to deny Verizon’s appeal. Spoke against: Liz Carlin (Council District 10), Terrence Gomez (SORONC LandUse). RVNA members: Hector Garza, Mike Diamond, Jonathan Norton, Tal Grinblat, Nick Sparks, Scott Weintraub, and Deni Mosser.
June 24, 2016. Those who attended the appeal hearing received the June 20 Determination letter.  See attached
Verizon appeal-DENIED-June 20, 2016July 5, 2016. RVNA emailed LA City Attorney’s office, asking to kindly let us know if Verizon would file an appeal within 90 days, copied SORONC and Herb Wesson’s Office.
November 3, 2016. RVNA checked with LA City’s Attorney’s office about the status of a Verizon appeal.  No reply.
January 3, 2017. RVNA resent request of information to La City Attorney’s Office. Veronica de la Cruz replied that they could find no pending litigation for the address 2512 Robertson.
January 8, 2017. RVNA notified Doug Fitzimmons, SORONC President, Elisabeth Carlin, and concerned RVNA members that we considered the matter closed. We hope that this absentee landlady and her son will sell to a restaurant this valuable property they kept vacant for 30 years.
January 27, 2017.  RVNA retiring Co-President Elisa Leonelli (2013-2017) met with former Co-President Phoebe Neill (2007-2012), discussed RVNA’s goal of reaching out to business owners to revitalize South Robertson Blvd. See 2008 letter to Amy Liu by RVNA 2007-2008 Co-President Steve Cawelti.