RVNA Town Hall 2017

RVNA invited the residents of Reynier Village to join our members at our annual meeting, held at the Palms Westminster Presbyterian Church, January 17, 2017.

Palms Westminster Church, artwork by Calvin. photo (c) Elisa Leonelli

Palms Westminster Church, artwork by Calvin. photo (c) Elisa Leonelli

RVNA Board Members were introduced by Andrew Leavenworth:
Elisa Leonelli, Co-President+Communications, Hector Garza, Co-President+Treasurer, Anabel Aispuro, Mike Diamond, Dan Halloran, Angelica Hess, Edgardo Perez.
Then the Community speakers:
Herb Wesson’s District 10: Elizabeth Carlin
WLAPD: Lt. Mark Day, Lt. Gena Brooks, Officer Edna Velos for SLO Mario Gonzales.
APS Alexander Protective Service: Vernon Rosado
SORONC Board Zone 5: Bryan Warman,
SORONC Quality of Life Committee: Beth Hirsch

Reynier Village residents are encouraged to report illegally dumped items directly to MyLA311, homeless encampments by emailing RVNA. We will forward removal request to SORONC and our Councilmen’s Offices, for LA Sanitation and Caltrans.

Graffiti and taggings should be photographed and reported to LA311 for removal, also emailed to WLAPD Gang unit. If the vandalism is on your property, you should file a police report with LAPD online and include the DR number when emailing photo to WLAPD.

Installing surveillance cameras on your home will help LAPD catch criminals, such as burglars, car thieves and porch pirates. APS offers professional installation. You may also buy a $249 Ring Video Doorbell for your Smartphone.

You will find contact information for LA City Departments and services on the Resources page of our website.

We are seeking qualified volunteers willing to devote their time and skills to serve on the RVNA Board for a 2-year term from February 16, 2017 to February 15, 2019.
RVNA members were sent emails requesting candidates to submit their qualifications.

Support your Reynier Village Neighborhood Association by becoming a dues-paying member of RVNA with APS Patrol Service. See Membership page for details.

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