RVNA Board Meeting 2016

Holt 2338-2c

We held a Board meeting on Saturday June 11, 2016, hosted by Anabel, board member and Holt Street Block Captain. Mexican food from Campos on Robertson was served.  We were joined by Michael Rozales, Reynier Ave Block Captain, Frank Shelton, who was elected to the SORONC Board as Organization Representative for RVNA, Linda Theung, who ran for a At Large seat, and out of a crowded field of 15 candidates, she was not elected.  We invited her to run for the RVNA Board at our January 2017 elections, after she moves into her new home on Gibson.
We discussed the possibility that Verizon might sue the City of LA for denying them a permit to build a cell tower at 2512 Robertson, the illegal dumping problem in the alley between Cattaraugus and Bedford, the alley at the end of Garth and the Garth underpass, our support of SORONC efforts to convince LA Park and Recs to enforce regulations at Reynier Park, require permits to reserve space for large picnics.  We confirmed our commitment to host 4 summer park nights for RVNA members in July and August.

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