RVNA Park Nights 2014

July 10, 2014

RVNA members continue the tradition started in 2007 of inviting neighbors to join us for Summer park nights at Reynier Park.
The dates for 2014 are Wednesdays 7 to 8 pm: July 9, 23 – August 6, 20
June 30 an email invitation was sent to the Reynier Village residents who signed up for our free RVNA mailing list to receive news about local events and emergency preparedness classes.
July 7 a reminder was sent to RVNA members, board, block captains and volunteers.

Argentinian Empanadas (c) Elisa Leonelli

Argentinian Empanadas (c) Elisa Leonelli

July 9 approximately 40 neighbors gathered to chat and enjoy a variety of pizzas from THE COOP and fresh fruit.
July 23 Mexican food from CAMPOS (2639 S Robertson: 310-202 7308)
August 6 ARGENTINIAN EMPANADAS (2513 S Robertson: 310-836 5944)
August 20 pasta and salad from BELLA ROMA (1509 S Robertson: 310-277 7662)

Please walk over to find out how it feels to be connected to like-minded neighbors, who care about keeping Reynier Village a safe and clean place to live.

RVNA Board


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