RVNA Meeting 2013

On April 7, 2013 we held a meeting of the RVNA Board, Block Captains and Volunteers. We acknowledged that we are unable to hold elections for the seven Board positions for lack of candidates.
As of April 15, Hector Garza, a SORO NC Board Member representing Reynier Village, will be acting as RVNA President, as well as Treasurer. Elisa Leonelli will act as Secretary, Communications and Webmaster. Steve Demmer will act as Vice-President and coordinate the summer park nights, with help from block captains Susan Demmer, Angelica Hess, Mike and Roe Diamond.
This interim term will end February 15, 2014. By then we hope to be able to hold elections. Please volunteer to run for the 2014 Board. See description of each position.

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