RVNA News 2014

January 24, 2014

As decided at the 2013 RVNA members meeting, we created the 2014 RVNA Newsletter, describing some of the accomplishments of our Reynier Village Neighbhorhood Association, inviting residents to join our FREE Mailing list and to sign up for membership.
The typesetting design was done by SLB Printing, that recently  opened at 2822 Robertson, because one of the goals of RVNA is to patronize the businesses in our neigbhorhood. Check our Robertson webpage.
The bright red flyer below was distributed to our 20 volunteer Block Captains, who will deliver it to every home in Reynier Village.
RVNA believes it is important for everyone to be connected to prevent crime and help each other in emergencies.

RVNA 2014 News-red1s

RVNA 2014 News-red2s

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