RVNA History

Reynier Village Neighborhood Association

RVNA started operating unofficially in 2005 and was officially formed in 2007. The purpose of the association is to improve the quality of life in our community. We are working towards maintaining a viable residential neighborhood that is a clean, safe and enjoyable place to live. Here are some of our achievements so far:

1. Worked with LAPD, our Councilman’s office and SORO NC (South Robertson Neighborhood Council) to alert our neighbors about issues concerning Reynier Village (2005-2017).
2. Hosted twelve summers of Park Nights in Reynier Park for neighbors to sample food from local restaurants and get to know each other (2005-2016).
3. Organized Easter and Halloween parties, RVNA Yard sales, Community meetings and other events (2005-2017).
4. Hired Alexander Protective Service (APS) to patrol our streets (2007).
5. Created the Reynier Village website (2008) as a resource for our residents, deisgned  by 2008-2011 RVNA webmaster Laura Sadler.  NEW website (2012) by 2012-2016 RVNA webmaster Elisa Leonelli, with restaurants and Robertson listings, crime updates and an events page.
6. Elisa Leonelli with Deni Mosser started the Reynier Village Blog to share tips on home improvements, energy conservation, vegetable gardens, local businesses and neighborhood events (2009-2017).
7. Assembled an e-mail list of 450 addresses to keep our neighbors connected and informed of upcoming events (2009-2016).
8. Set up a network of Block Captains to distribute flyers and newsletters and develop personal relationships with the neighbors on their streets (2009-2016).
9. Posted Reynier Village signs, designed by local artist Barbara Mendes, to identify our area and show neighborhood pride (2009).
10. Worked with Million Trees LA and KYCC (Korean Youth Community Center) to get free trees planted in our parkways (2008).
11. Worked with NRSC (No Robertson Strip Club) and leaders from our neighboring communities to fight the SKIN Gentleman’s Club at 3388 Robertson (2008).
12. Partnered with C-PAB (Community Police Advisory Board) to create Neighborhood Watch groups on many blocks and posted N.W. signs (2006-2011).
13. Communicated with LA City Bureau of Street Lighting to fix outages caused by copper wire theft (2011-2013). See Street Lights page for more info.
14. Organized clean-ups of garbage dumped along the 10 Fwy bordering our neighborhood at Cattaraugus and Bedford, Beverlywood and Holt.  Asked Caltrans to keep area clean from trash and trees trimmed (2009-2016).
15. Advised residents to photograph Tagging and Graffiti and report to WLAPD (2014)
16. Joined Nextdoor.com. Suggested that RVNA members do the same (2014)
17. Warned residents about theft of catalytic converters from cars parked in the streets (2015)
18. Screened the movie “Surviving the Big One” followed by a community meeting about Emergency Preparedness organized by Andrew Leavenworth (2015).
19. Forwarded residents complaints about homeless living in campers in Cattaraugus underpass to Herb Wesson’s Office. No Overnight Parking signs for Oversize Vehicles were posted, also in Garth underpass (2014-2015).
20. Monitored illegally parked campers and dumped items in Garth and Cattaraugus underpasses, reported to SORONC and LA Dept of Sanitation (2015-2017).
21. Reported homeless encampments in Robertson underpass to SORONC, WLAPD, District 5 and 10 Councilmen’s offices, Herb Wesson and Paul Koretz (2015-2017).
22. Information campaign opposing cell tower. Zoning Administration denied Verizon project (2o16). Click here for more info
23. RVNA participated in SORONC Quality of Life and Parks Committee meetings to hear residents complaints about large parties at Reynier Park on weekends (2015-2016). We proposed that permits be required, but LA City Parks and Recs is unable to devote employees to enforce them. They did agree to change the signage, so LAPD will be able to ticket those who violate existing regulations.
24.  RVNA wrote a letter (November 18, 2016) to LA Great Streets, at the request of SORONC president Doug Fitzimmons, to support their grant application for South Robertson, and the request was granted (February 3, 2017). Robertson between Cadillac and Kincardine is a 2016 Great Street Challenge winner!

We would like to thank our Board Members, Block Captains and all who have volunteered to help us grow. We live here and care about our neighborhood!

If you are not already an RVNA member, please consider joining and/or subscribing to our email list, send your email address to: reyniervillage@yahoo.com

Text by Elisa Leonelli, RVNA Communications 2009-2017