RVNA Board elections 2015

November 14, 2014

During 2014 RVNA functioned with an interim Board, since we were unable to hold our bi-annual elections in 2013, because not enough candidates volunteered.
Read Election News 2013 for more details.
Elisa Leonelli handled Communications, acted as President and Secretary, Hector Garza performed his functions as Treasurer, Steve Demmer organized Summer Park Nights as Vice-President, with the help of Angelica Hess. Andrew Leavenworth held Emergency Preparedness classes in Reynier Park. John Palmerton acted as Board member At Large.

At a November 11 interim Board meeting, it was decided that 2014 RVNA members will be invited to serve their community as candidates for the 2015 RVNA Board positions described below, for a 2-year term from February 15, 2015 to February 15, 2017. Deadline to submit their candidacy and qualifications: December 10, 2014.

All Reynier Village residents are encouraged to volunteer their time and skills to keep RVNA active.  Please email us with your proposals.

Descriptions of 2015 RVNA Board Positions, based on the services that RVNA has been providing for RVNA members and Reynier Village Residents since 2007.

President:  Represent RVNA to other organizations such as SORO NC (South Robertson Neighborhood Council), nearby Neighborhood Associations, LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), LA City departments, Councilman’s office.
Vice-President: Organize social activities, like summer park nights, block captains brunch, members gatherings, annual yard sale.
Treasurer:  Collect annual fees, maintain financial records and database of paid members.
Secretary:  Maintain files for each block and lists of email addresses, build Excel database, coordinate Block Captains, solicit membership and sign-ups to mailing list, walk door to door, deliver APS signs.
Communications:  Follow neighborhood activities of interest and communicate the info to RVNA mailing list of residents.  Write and design newsletter.
Crime:  Review crime updates from LAPD and Crime Mapping, solicit details from victims of burglaries and car theft. Send crime prevention tips to RVNA mailing list, including graffiti and littering. Coordinate trash cleanups.
Emergency: Organize classes for Reynier Village residents about Emergency Preparedness, offer advice about emergency supplies. Coordinate neighbors with special skills to help each block in case of a disaster.
Webmaster: Create posts and updates for the website http://www.reyniervillage.com and the blog http://www.reyniervillage.org.
At Large: Explore ideas for activities to benefit Reynier Village residents, help with any of the above tasks.

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