The cost of RVNA membership is $70 a year, which includes $20 for dues and $50 for APS patrol service. That’s just $5.83 per month. Your membership is good through February 15, 2018, no matter when you sign up during 2017.

Mail your check payable to RVNA to:
Reynier Village Neighborhood Association
1702 S Robertson Blvd. #107. Los Angeles CA 90035

Alternately, you can use Paypal to make payment at the following secure link:

Reynier Village Payment

RVNA membership covers your entire household, every family member who lives in your house (not roommates or renters).

Membership in the Reynier Village Neighborhood Association provides you with opportunities to meet fellow residents during summer park nights and other RVNA events, to stay connected to your neighbors to prevent crime and help each other in emergencies, to receive information about issues affecting the community, to play an active role in improving our quality of life, to identify yourself as RVNA members when contacting LA City departments, LAPD, SORO NC, our Councilman’s office, etc.
For more info read RVNA History

We’re working with South Robertson Neighborhood Council (SORO NC) toward revitalizing Robertson Boulevard and discouraging large parties from occupying Reynier Park on weekends.

Reynier Village Neighborhood Association has teamed up with APS, Alexander Protective Service, to offer residents a discounted group rate.
Each resident who signs up for this service will receive:
•  A red yard sign showing that your home is protected by APS
•  A phone number to call if you see any suspicious activity around your home
•  Shorter response time versus calling LAPD
•  Peace of mind in knowing that APS patrol cars are driving through Reynier Village and past your home three times throughout the day and night.

For more information about APS, go to their website,
email Vernon Rosado, or call: 310-606 2727.

Sign Up for APS directly

RVNA members who sign up for an alarm system with Alexander Protective Service, or switch to APS as their alarm monitoring company, can save money. They will pay the discounted rate of $20 a month to get 24 hour monitoring, about half the going rate.
And the following year their RVNA dues will be reduced by $50, to $20 a year.

APS Dispatch Center: Response Guidelines

Download printable sign-up slip